We offer services in the following areas:


Strategic Communications

  • Planning, development, and execution of local and global communications efforts to build engagement with communities, industry, government agencies, and academia
  • Growing strong networks in emerging markets
  • Enhancing public relations campaigns for global audiences and non-native speakers
  • Cultural sensitivity and geopolitical awareness
  • Teleconferencing platform management


  • Campaign management
  • Text and visual ad design
  • Branding design

Media Relations

  • Earned media generation
  • Press release drafting and editing
  • Newswire distribution services
  • Talking points, FAQs, fact sheets, info graphics
  • Interviews and interview preparation

Public Relations

  • Email campaign management
  • Surveys, polls and engagement monitoring
  • Crisis communications

Web Presence

  • Domain registration and hosting management
  • Web development, website creation, updating, and maintenance
  • Third party listings and reviews management
  • Google Adwords and Google MyBusiness

Employee Relations and Internal Corporate Communications

  • Node for employee communications to provide prioritization and streamlining, separate dedicated channel for staff interface
  • Policy Documentation, Handbooks, Manuals, Onboarding collateral

Social Media

  • Account creation, integration, management, and monitoring

Project Coordination

  • Project planning, development, and implementation
  • Financing and budgeting guidance
  • Facilitating collaboration between teams
  • Local on-the-ground support in Hawaii for business and individuals working on projects in the Islands (Photo/Video Shoots, Business Meetings, Conferences, Weddings)

Content Development

  • Editing and writing, graphic design, layout, typography, proof reading, and printing procurement under tight deadlines.
  • Newsletters, invitations, posters, handouts, spreadsheets, charts, presentations, info graphics, one-off thematic publications
  • Storytelling, research, data analysis, citation, statistics, surveys, demographics, qualitative and quantitative arguments
  • Video/audio editing