Media Relations


Our team helps clients large and small around the world plan, develop and execute comprehensive communications efforts building engagement with communities, industry, government agencies, and academia. We generate earned media coverage through interesting and informative storytelling, press releases, copy-writing, talking points, and FAQs. We also coordinate with leading newswire distribution agencies to get the word out through major news channels when our clients have something to say.

Content Development

screen image for contactEclipse Communications provides graphic design services that can build a whole new look for your company or produce content that conforms to existing design ethos, artwork and style guides. We also offer editorial, copy-writing, story-telling, and branding development services.

Online Presence


We help clients grow and improve online presence and community engagement by creating responsive websites, active social media, newsletters, and email marketing campaigns. At Eclipse Communications we listen carefully to our clients’ goals, developing tailored content to reach specific demographic segments and gain amplification through key influencers. The power of having the right network, not necessarily the most connections, followers, likes, is a key element of our success in helping clients innovate productive and profitable projects.


Strategic Communications

  • Planning, development, and execution of local and global communications efforts to build engagement with communities, industry, government agencies, and academia
  • Growing strong networks in emerging markets
  • Enhancing public relations campaigns for global audiences and non-native speakers
  • Cultural sensitivity and geopolitical awareness
  • Teleconferencing platform management


  • Campaign management
  • Text and visual ad design
  • Branding design

Media Relations

  • Earned media generation
  • Press release drafting and editing
  • Newswire distribution services
  • Talking points, FAQs, fact sheets, info graphics
  • Interviews and interview preparation

Public Relations

  • Email campaign management
  • Surveys, polls and engagement monitoring
  • Crisis communications

Web Presence

  • Domain registration and hosting management
  • Web development, website creation, updating, and maintenance
  • Third party listings and reviews management
  • Google Adwords and Google MyBusiness

Employee Relations and Internal Corporate Communications

  • Node for employee communications to provide prioritization and streamlining, separate dedicated channel for staff interface
  • Policy Documentation, Handbooks, Manuals, Onboarding collateral

Social Media

  • Account creation, integration, management, and monitoring

Project Coordination

  • Project planning, development, and implementation
  • Financing and budgeting guidance
  • Facilitating collaboration between teams
  • Local on-the-ground support in Hawaii for business and individuals working on projects in the Islands (Photo/Video Shoots, Business Meetings, Conferences, Weddings)

Content Development

  • Editing and writing, graphic design, layout, typography, proof reading, and printing procurement under tight deadlines.
  • Newsletters, invitations, posters, handouts, spreadsheets, charts, presentations, info graphics, one-off thematic publications
  • Storytelling, research, data analysis, citation, statistics, surveys, demographics, qualitative and quantitative arguments
  • Video/audio editing